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Pathways to Collaborative Action: Transforming agricultural, land and food systems

Authors: McKenzie, F.
Publicateion date: 2013

This Ecoagriculture Discussion Paper explores the possibilities of taking cross-sectoral collaborative action to break away from business-as-usual. It shows how the complexity of the sustainability challenges makes cross-sectoral collaboration so essential. It highlights how complex non-linear linkages exist between food, agricultural, and land systems. It argues that if we are to effectively operate in this nexus, then we need to seriously reconsider the way we work together.

This paper therefore explores the question of ‘how’ to collaborate, and options for improving the effectiveness of cross-sectoral collaborations. A useful guide as well as a call to action, issues are covered such as structure, governance, institutional barriers, the need to create the space for innovation, the ability to manage conflict and compromise, and the time it takes to create trust among participants.