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Power Pack: Understanding Power for Social Change

Author(s): IDS
Publication Date: 2010

The Power Pack project is initiated by IDS as a response to requests from many people for more practical and conceptual methods, materials and resources to help them think about and respond to power relations within their organisations and within wider social and political spaces and institutions. The resource guide of this project brings together a number of resources for understanding power relations in efforts to bring about social change. This version of the Power Pack is also the basis from which was developed.

Much – but not all - of the pack focuses on uses and applications of ‘the Power Cube’. The Power Cube is an innovative conceptual tool that can be used for understanding and analysing the way power works in processes of governance, in organizations, and in social relationships. It combines a multi-faceted approach to the various dimensions of power with a spatial mapping of the diverse spaces and levels in which these power relations are encountered.

This resource guide provides the reader with ample information on relevant concepts, the different uses and approaches to power analysis and shares a facilitator’s guide, applications of the power cube, and supporting resources.