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Safetipin – An Overview. Active Learning Solutions

Safetipin is a free complete map-based mobile phone application which works to make our communities and cities safer by providing safety-related information collected by users and by trained auditors. It has been developed to encourage more people to be involved in safety of women and communities.

Safetipin provides: 

  • Tracking
    Be the personal safety guardian of your loved ones when required.
    Use SafetiPin safety tracker feature and track your loved ones to know they are safe!
  • Safety Score
    Moving into a new locality or simply visiting a new place. Compare the safety score of a place, vis-a-vis that of the other places!
  • Locate
    Locate nearby places of interest with their safety information and directions.
    Find nearby hospitals, banks, filling stations, hotels, 24 hour pharmacies, and more quickly.
  • Recording and Audits
    Make your city safer – report what you see and feel!
    Record places, harassments, hazards and audits in a fun way!