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Work With Us: Community-driven research inspiring change

Work with us is a 20-minute film produced in collaboration with communities around the world as part of the Participate initiative ( The film recorded over 6 months in 7 countries provides an opportunity for some of the most marginalised people to communicate directly to decision-makers.

From disabled people living in slums to indigenous people protecting their rights, the documentary looks at some of the insights and stories that can emerge from participatory research, and what this contributes to the policy arena.

The purpose of the film is to illustrate the kinds of knowledge that emerge through participatory research and also show how change can happen. It highlights the need for ongoing commitment, involvement, and support from decision-makers for collaborative dialogue and action.

The participants in the film worked with the film makers to plan the content identifying the stories they wanted to tell and how they wanted to communicate them. The film places the participants at the centre of their own stories in the locations where they live. The participants in the film speak directly to the audience in their own language presenting and exploring the context of their stories.

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