International Advocacy Evaluation Community of Practice's Webinar: Participatory video and Most significant change

This is a recording of the International Advocacy Evaluation Community of Practice's Webinar on September 26, 2012. During the webinar we heard from Soledad Muniz, Senior Associate at InsightShare of their use of Participatory Video and Most Significant Change Methods to conduct evaluations of women's rights and capacity building efforts in Guatemala and Uganda.

TEDx talk "This is not a video camera"

In this TEDx Talk about participatory video, Chris Lunch of InsightShare asks us to re-look at what we think we know about the technology and potential behind video cameras. He shows how handing over a video camera to a community and letting the subjects of a film become the directors, turns a video camera into a people magnet and a true champion for change.

Participatory Video for Community Action CASE STUDY: Indigenous Voices in Uganda

This participatory video was created to raise awareness among Ugandan policy makers and the world at large of the shocking plight of the Batwa people since their forced eviction from their ancestral hunting grounds in 1992. Part of this film was aired on Ugandan television and it was screened to local and national politicians, donors and NGOs.