rss Innovative financing for inclusive agricultural development

As traditional official development assistance decreases attention is turning to how best to catalyse private funding for development.  However, private companies need to generate returns on their investments. To what extent does this limit private financing from reaching the poor and marginalised, referred to by Paul Collier as the ‘bottom billion’? In other words, can financing solutions involving private sector actors be inclusive?

State–civil society relations: the potential contribution of the African Peer Review Mechanism

Author: Petlane, T.
Publication date: 2013, In: SAIIA Policy Briefing No 80

This policy briefing reflects on the benefits of participation by non-state actors in the African Peer Review Mechanism programme (APRM). It suggests that countries should build on the gains made from citizens and governments working together. APRM reviews should serve as a blueprint for strengthening contributions from a wide range of CSOs in national policy debates and policy implementation.

Recommendations are included for governments, CSOs and the research community.

Partnership Matters Journal 4

Authors: several authors for The Partnering Initiative
Publication date: 2006

The Partnership Matters Journal explores a range of topics in cross-sector partnerships and drew on the work on those involved in the International Business Leaders Forum and University of Cambridge Programme for Industry Post-graduate Certificate in Cross-Sector Partnerships programme. 

In this last edition, special attention is given to partnerships with the private sector, including several case studies. Dilemmas of inter-organisational learning

A new publication pushes the boundaries of what is known about interorganizational learning (IOL).  In Issue 46 of the Dutch-based, IOL is looked at from the perspective of the publication’s main audience:  the non-profit development sector. 

Introduction Exploring Power for Change , IDS Bulletin 37-6

Author(s): Rosalind Eyben, Collette Harris and Jethro Pettit

Publication Date: 2006

This article, an introduction to an IDS Bulletin, begins by discussing how participatory concepts and approaches highlight and provide new insights into the complex interactions between stakeholders at local, national and global levels. These concepts and approaches lead to questions regarding the impact of knowledge extension on social rules and policies, often influencing power relationships among actors.

Finding the spaces for change a Power Analysis, IDS Bulletin.

Author(s):  John Gaventa
Publication Date:  2006

This IDS Bulletin begins by recognizing that in spite of the emerging new spaces and opportunities for citizen engagement in policy processes, questions still remain as to whether these new spaces actually impact power disparities sufficiently in order to improve pro-poor policy.

Demystifying Facilitation in Participatory Development, IIED

Author(s): Annemarie Groot and Marleen Maarleveld

Publication Date:  2000

This article, part of IIED’s Gatekeeper Series, begins by highlighting how blueprint approaches to development often have insufficient capacity building elements, which contribute to sustainable natural resource management. The authors promote the emergent trend of multi-actor, multi-scale approaches toward sustainable NRM.