Citizen engagement

Bridging and Bonding: Improving the Links Between Transparency and Accountability Actors


Authors: Wanjiku Kelbert, A.
Publication date: 2014

The first Learning and Inspiration Event hosted by Making All Voices Count brought together people with different kinds of expertise to think collaboratively about how technology can be used to enhance citizen engagement and improve government responsiveness. 

Citizen engagements in a globalizing world.


Author: Gaventa, J. &  Tandon, R. (eds.)
Publication date: 2010

This is an introductory chapter to the book: Globalizing Citizens: New Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion. It explores among others the impact of the changing nature of global governance on the meanings and identities of citizenship and the related practices of citizen action.

Citizens' role in political settlements


Author: Rao, S. (for GSDRC - Governance and Social Development Resource Centre)
Publication date: 2013

This Helpdesk Research report by GSDRC outlines the concept of political settlement and introduces literature on potential citizen roles in such settlements. In particular, this report draws on an upcoming, unpublished document which synthesises current thinking and draws insights from an on-going project on civil society participation in peace processes.

Power Dynamics in Multi-Stakeholder Processes: A Balancing Act


This publication synthesizes insights from an action research programme on ‘Power in Multi-Stakeholder Processes’.

Finding the spaces for change a Power Analysis, IDS Bulletin.


Author(s):  John Gaventa
Publication Date:  2006

This IDS Bulletin begins by recognizing that in spite of the emerging new spaces and opportunities for citizen engagement in policy processes, questions still remain as to whether these new spaces actually impact power disparities sufficiently in order to improve pro-poor policy.