Partnerships as a panacea for addressing global problems? On rationale, context, actors, impact and limitations


Author: Kolk, A.
Publication date: 2013

This chapter examines partnerships and their peculiarities, based on recent research from various disciplines, in the context of the large problems faced by global society. 

Global action networks: Agents for collective action


Author: Glasbergen, P., in Global Environmental Change 20(1): 130-141.
Publication Date: 2010 

Global action networks (GANs) are civil society initiated multi-stakeholder arrangements that aim to fulfill a leadership role for systemic change in global governance for sustainable development. The paper develops a network approach to study some of these GANs as motivators of global collective action and investigates how in their interaction processes the actors involved create the organizational capacity for collective change.

Collaborative Value Creation: A Review of Partnering Between Nonprofits and Businesses: Part I. Value Creation Spectrum and Collaboration Stages.


Author(s): Austin, J.E.; Seitanidi, M.M.

Publication Date: 2012 

This focused review of the nonprofitbusiness collaboration and related corporate social responsibility literature identifies problematic aspects of the treatment of value creation and, therefore, develops a conceptual and analytical framework to address them and the following research question: