Tools & Methods

Reflective learning for purposeful change: making learning more explicit in multi-stakeholder processes


Authors: Gordijn, F. & Helder, J.
Publication date: 2013, In: Knowledge Management for Development 9 (3)

Changing our ways: making sense of complex multi-stakeholder systems change by using the four quadrant model


Author: Walters, H.
Publication date: 2013, In: Knowledge Management for Development Journal 9(3): 153-166

Analysing stakeholder power dynamics in multi-stakeholder processes: insights of practice from Africa and Asia


Authors: Brouwer, H., Hiemstra, W., Vugt, S.v. & Walters, H.
Publication date: 2013, In: Knowledge Management for Development Journal 9(3): 11-31

2013: Practical Guide on Democratic Dialogue


Authors: UNDP & Organization of American States
Publication date: 2013

This Guide offers a series of criteria, guidelines and tools that allow societal actors to understand better what a democratic dialogue implies as a process, and to undertake successful dialogic initiatives.

The guide has four sections:

Bridging perspectives


Authors: Bali, N., Chen M.A. & Kanbur, R.
Publication date: 2012

Evaluating Partnership Broker Approach: A methodological perspective


Author: Hundal, S.
Publication date: 2013, In: Betwixt & Between. The Journal of Partnership Brokering

There is increasing interest in generating substantive evidence of the impact that brokered partnerships have on the outcomes of multi-stakeholder partnerships. Evaluations of partnership broker approaches and indeed of the performance of individual brokers themselves contribute to such evidence. But what methodologies can be used to conduct such evaluations?

Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes


Author: Noordwijk, M.v. et alii. (for the World Agroforestry Centre)
Publication date: 2013

In landscapes around the world, active learning takes place with experiments that involve changes in technology, farming systems, value chains, livelihoods’ strategies and institutions. An overarching hypothesis that is being tested in this publication is:

USAID Social media handbook for agricultural development practitioners


Authors: Andres, D. & Woodard, J. (for USAID)
Publication date: 2013

This interactive handbook for agricultural development practitioners provides useful information on how to plan and use social media for development. An in-depth case study and illustrative examples are included.

International Advocacy Evaluation Community of Practice's Webinar: Participatory video and Most significant change


This is a recording of the International Advocacy Evaluation Community of Practice's Webinar on September 26, 2012. During the webinar we heard from Soledad Muniz, Senior Associate at InsightShare of their use of Participatory Video and Most Significant Change Methods to conduct evaluations of women's rights and capacity building efforts in Guatemala and Uganda.

IDS: Participatory


The Participatory Methods website provides resources to generate ideas and action for inclusive development and social change. The website is set up as an online guide, bringing together ideas, thoughts, studies, challenges, resources and other information about participatory methods.