Power Tools: Handbook to Tools and Resources


Author: Sonja Vermeulen
Publication Date: 2005

Describing power tools as policy tools to address asymmetries between marginalised groups and those who marginalise them, this guidebook presents 26 separate tools for use in the natural resource management policy-making arena. 

Troubles on the way: An analysis of the challenges faced by multi-stakeholder platforms


Author: Nicolas Faysse
Publication Date: 2006

Using two cases from South Africa and Bolivia, both in regards to water resource management, this paper analyses Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSP’s) as a means of resolving conflicts around natural resource management in both developing countries and on a global level. In examining why MSP’s have been and continue to be viewed in an often unfavourable context, the author identifies  and discusses five principal issues:

Disadvantaged Groups in Multi-stakeholder Negotiations


Authors: David Edmunds and Eva Wollenberg

Publication Date: June 2002

Negotiations are seen to be of vital importance by environmental and development practitioners when guiding natural resource stakeholders towards collective action on natural resource sustainability. Aimed at practitioners of multi-stakeholder negotiation processes, this paper examines how power differences can result in disadvantaged groups of stakeholders not maximising the benefits of negotiations and discusses the issue under the following headings:

Demystifying Facilitation in Participatory Development, IIED


Author(s): Annemarie Groot and Marleen Maarleveld

Publication Date:  2000

This article, part of IIED’s Gatekeeper Series, begins by highlighting how blueprint approaches to development often have insufficient capacity building elements, which contribute to sustainable natural resource management. The authors promote the emergent trend of multi-actor, multi-scale approaches toward sustainable NRM.