Rationale - Why Do We Need MSP's?

In the wider sense, the rationale for multi-stakeholder collaboration is simple. Today, the world is faced with a set of very difficult issues: the over-use of natural resources; climate change; continuing poverty; and the psychological and health-related ‘downsides’ of modern living. Quite simply, our existing ways of making decisions, along with our mechanisms of governance – from the local to the global level – are failing to cope with today’s challenges.

Principles - What are the Key Elements for Succesful MSP's?

At the core of our approach to MSP’s, is a set of principles which we argue need to be considered in order to make MSPs capable of effecting transformative change.

How to design and facilitate an MSP?

The starting point for any MSP is a recognition that any successes won’t just happen; they will arise from the implementation of a carefully considered design. In general, the practice of designing an MSP has three key elements: